There are actually a number of things in the world the one may wish to keep – to preserve. Friends, families, loved ones; memories, ideals, dreams; and,prehaps , products of one’s creativity are only some of the finite things of this world which, I believe, must be treasured and likewise be shared to others.

I am but a traveller in this winding road – of hatred and sorrow, of fear and turmoil, of weakness and mortality; of love and bliss, of courage and peace, and of strength and hope. Slowly walking, cautiously treading – courageously venturing to new heights; trekking the unchartered and untaken road and holding on to a thread anchored to the Unmoved Mover. Ideas come by, knowledge acquired – a stint of wisdom gained. Creativity knocks and now I’m stopping, for a while – just a while, to write, publish and share thoughts that linger in my heart and mind – a subtle oasis, a finite refuge – scribbling with my d:g:tal :nk.


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