What’s Life?

Life. I can’t help but also ask myself what life is… hehehe… anyway, so far, I could define life by relating it to another word – ADVENTURE.

Every waking hour is but an exciting event. When its time for me to open my stubborn eyes I usually experience some sort of a thrill brought about by this mundane question that loiter in my mind –

‘Am I still alive? Am I still me?’

– this makes me shiver with a stint of trepidation and a sudden feeling of excitement, a sudden eagerness to immediately but cautiously open my eyes and welcome whatever it is that is in store for me. A millisecond pause… BOOM! – I realize that I’m still me, breathing, beating, human and all. And I end-up uttering, in silence,

Lord thanks for this day, another day, another chance – your will be done…

An adventure

  • for you don’t exactly know what’s next – after waking-up, taking breakfast, doing your duties, eating lunch, playing your sport, going back home and waking up again and after reading this post… it’s uncertain.
  • despite the uncertainty, you still dare to move on – continue your quest. Every second a challenge is given – whether to breathe, to drink, to wake-up or sleep; to cry, to smile, to give-up or fight. It’s your call to move-on or stand-still, to do something or nothing – and every decision made entails yet another challenge to be faced to be conquered.
  • like life, has and END, though not definite. You may end-up being the next Bill Gates, seeing the most beautiful panorama of your life, setting-foot on Everest’s summit, or wounded, battered, soiled and left alone. But just like any adventure, the end depends of how you face the challenges, hardships, trials, ups and downs, highs and lows that life brought you.

An adventure is often referred to as an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience that shouldn’t be missed – LIFE.


3 thoughts on “What’s Life?

  1. nice layout. Ü Neutral and serious.

    It’s funny how we wrote about the same topic –life. And it’s funny too how miine (as of the moment) is in contrast to yours. Your idea of life is something exciting whereas mine… it’s pretty dead.

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