Who? Me!

Not so long ago I met this certain guy. His built is seemingly hardy and strong yet, looking at his face, he’s as meek as a lamb. Black is the color of his hair, his complexion is just fine and his height is just right for someone turning eighteen.

It was just timely that I met him for, according to him, he was looking for someone to talk with. Great! He really needed someone to talk with for for every question I asked he happily and wittedly answered them.

I asked him why is it that he was staring at nowhere when I arrived. “I was thinking of my family, ‘cause I’ve been living far from them for quite sometime now,” he simply said. But just before punctuating his statement he immediately added, in a sort-of-excited tone that his parents’ names could be easily remembered, “My parents are Romeo and Juliet.” I was amazed by the fact that his parents were named after a Shakespeare classic – indeed it was easy to remember.

Going back to our talk, he, then, shared that they are only two siblings in their family. “I am the eldest and my sister, Jessica, is the youngest,” he exclaimed jokingly before we blasted into laughs. (Forgive us, were both corny.) After laughing his lungs out with such a prosaic joke, he told me that he is ever-happy with his family and he is also grateful for giving him more than enough love, care and support.


Out of the, blue these words that seemed to be blaming boisterously came out of his mouth – like he wants all peoples of every race and tongue to hear what he is saying. “THE SHOUTS, SHRIEKS AND SCREAMS THAT RISE FROM MEDIOLA, AYALA AND EDSA MAKE US, FILIPINOS, DEAF. WE ARE DEAF ENOUGH NOT TO HEAR THE PLEA AND THE SUPPRESSED WEEPING OF OUR MOTHERLAND CAUSED BY THE EVER-SO-PAINFUL ORDEAL THAT SHE HAS TO FACE,” he began softening his voice as though he was relieved from the tension of his own speech, and so he calmly continued, “When will we stop making pointless outcries and childish fights? When will we pause so that, in the silence of our hearts, we may hear the true voice our dear Motherland whose only plea is UNITY.”

Well said! It was indeed a marvelous statement from him. I wasn’t aware that he has this deep sentiment and authentic concern for our country. And, not only that, his words were that of a poet. Whew! I can’t comprehend such ideas, so I diverted our discussion by asking him his ambition in life – an elementary question.

Wonderful! I was again dumbfounded by his reply – he is a seminarian. According to him he is still discerning on whether he is being called by God to the religious life or not. But, he also said that wherever God may call him his love for his family, his motherland and most of all to God will keep on burning as an eternal flame does.

Wow, I can’t believe that there is really this kind of person! Wait, I just realized that we’ve already been talking for so long and we’ve discussed a lot of things already but it seems that I’ve forgotten to ask something which he forgot to tell: HEY, WAIT FOR A MOMENT, YOU HAVEN’T TOLD ME YOUR NAME! “My friend, just call me JEROME.” 🙂


2 thoughts on “Who? Me!

  1. Keep the fire burning. It consumes, it engulfs, but never let it get extinguished. What our country needs is a revolution..The kind that in internal, introspecting, a flame that will immolate the soul and free the spirit.

    And hopefully, from the embers will rise a Phoenix, who will spread the rampaging wildfire like no one has ever see.

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