What’s Wrong With You?

An affirmation speech for one of our Vietnamese brother assistants(we have two, fyi) who celebrates his bithday today…

Good evening!

Here, in our humble abode, there are persons who are with us, seminarians, everyday. From rising to mass, to work and games up until before we dream they are there – doing the things we do and helping us in every way they can. These energetic, lively and loving men are none other than our dear brother assistants. One of them, whose birthday we celebrate today, we’ll never miss remembering when we hear the words, “What’s wrong with you?”

Hours before inking these thoughts which I’m now sharing with you, I’ve stopped and dwelt on the silence of my heart and asked myself “how would I remember ‘Thâỳ’? Strong, smart, determined, hard-working, pious and funny where the first words that clogged my mind. Then I heard, in my mind, with all the timbre and accent, “What’s wrong with you?”

Whenever I hear those word of Quang, I am blown away to a split second recollection urging me to answer questions like, Am I out of place? Am I doing the right thing? Do I have the right / good thoughts / intentions in my mind? Do I know what am I here for?

Yes, more than a cliché expression nor an over told joke, Br. Peter’s words certainly made me a better person. A person aware of the things he does and ready to face a rebuttal about the appropriateness and goodness of the steps he takes whenever, wherever he may be.

I believe this would keep Br. Peter Quang Van Tran, SDB indexed forever in my life. I hope each of us wouldn’t forget him too…

“What’s wrong with you?”


Bro. Peter,

Chuc mūng sinh nhật, Thâỳ!
In English, Happy Birthday to you, Brother!

God bless you!



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