Project Prop – REINVENTED :)

I have made a project proposal for our restrooms here in the seminary filed and approved last June… It’s sort of a literary and technical thing. so i’ll share it with you! hehehe 🙂 read on…

Project Proposal



This proposal is made to supplement the need for a hygienic, systematic and standard “public” (common) restroom facility and its maintenance for the use of the Carreño House of Formation (CHF) community and its visitors. This proposal also promotes good and proper healthy habits.


Based on the research and observation made by the incumbent restroom in-charge, there are certain standards to which all “public” or “common” restrooms should comply, these standards ensure that the restrooms are ‘user-friendly’ and would not allow the transfer of contiguous disease. Most of these standards are not met by the CHF’s restrooms namely the superiors’ and guests’ restrooms at the first floor (SGR) and the seminarians’ at the second floor restroom (SSR) – which are the areas of concern of the restroom in-charge. Another observation is that there are no standard operating procedures (SOP’s) that would make the maintenance and up-keep of the facilities easier.


The project is subdivided into 3 phases with some reference to the Japanese 5S system.

Phase 1

Seiri, Seiton and Seiso

Repairs, rehabilitation and minor construction must be done.


1. Floor / tile stripping – the tiles and flooring of the restrooms have accumulated grime, lime scales and molds due to inconsistent and untrained maintenance.

2. Installation of liquid soap dispenser and utilization of hygienic liquid soap AND installation of push-button faucets for the sinks Proper handwashing is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of diarrhoeal diseases. Pathogens cannot be seen on hands, and water alone is not always sufficient to remove them. Soap and wood ash are both cleansing and disinfecting agents when used with water and can be used to kill pathogens on hands and utensils. [1]

3. Provision for a specialized storage corner – a corner wherein every supply, tools and materials needed and used for the maintenance of the restrooms are kept. To be constructed in the SSR.


1. Door repair – the existing door of the toilet cubicle inside the SGR-male isn’t friendly and is harmful.


1. Installation of urinals – the SSR is often muddy and swampy. This is due to the water dropping from the sides of the toilet bowl after the one who used it for urinating splashes a dipper of water. SSR is usually used for urinating.

2. Relocation of the towel rod – relocating it between the two sinks would be a brilliant and proactive solution to provide both sinks with a towel.

3. Installation of a divider – in view of the installation of urinals, a divider that would separate the urinal from the adjacent sink.

4. Use of plastic-puzzle-matting as a pathway when using the SSR as a passageway to the Salesian Residence.

Phase 2

Seiketsu and Shitsuke

SOP’s must be legislated and executed.


1. Legislation of SOP’s – this would list all procedures that would guarantee that our restrooms comply with world / health standards.

2. Bulletins and signage – the setting-up and posting of signs about the proper use of the restroom would facilitate the execution of the set SOP’s. Health bulletins posted in the restroom would provide sufficient and pertinent information about proper hygiene and health care.

3. Utilization of a tasks monitor – this would allow the in-charge and his superiors to see how the maintenance works progresses. This also provides an avenue for evaluation.

Phase 3


Do things as they are professionally done.


1. Use of disinfectants and detergents – this ensures that the facilities are clean and are virtually free from microbes that may be harmful to health.

2. Use of deodorizers and air fresheners – this allows users to feel that the facility is indeed clean and tidy.

3. Use of proper and time-efficient maintenance tools and outfit – this would allow the in-charge to efficiently and effectively execute all tasks provided by the set SOP’s.

Needed to be Acquired

The list of the things to be acquired would be presented after the approval of this proposal.

Prepared by:


Restroom In-charge

Approved by:





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