Making Babies

The following entry is the content of the reaction paper that I submitted for our Biology class.

God is the Prime Mover, Prime Designer and the Author of Life – I firmly believe in God. With this premise I would like to start my reaction on the Discovery Channel’s documentary about scientists “making babies”.

It is wonderful how man develops technology. Day by day, new things are discovered, old stuffs reinvented, and fresh innovations are sought. It is also amazing how man is able to extend his physical strength and stretch his mental capacity to be able to solve the everyday problems – actually challenges – he faces.

Technology allowed man to explore the unimaginable height, depth and breadth of earth. And in this continued quest, man is seemingly putting up yet another Tower of Babel which sought to reach the heavens and allow man to be God.

pricking the egg cell with a glass pipetteI certainly and firmly denounce this idea of “making babies”. Although it may sound humanistic for it wills to eliminate diseases especially those that cannot be seen nor be cured before it manifests (inborn diseases and biological anomalies), their means doesn’t justify their end. What they are doing is meddling with what God has done and manifesting their lack of faith.

Imagine decoding the DNA, analyzing the chromosomes, genes, dumping what’s defective and matching the gametes which they consider perfect – this bypasses all natural means which is controlled and well taken cared of by God. This also presupposes growth and development.

The scientist who does the procedure illustrated briefly above actually discovers more information about the baby in the process. Information like the color of the hair, eyes, skin; talents; traits can be known by the scientist – the things that we believe will develop through the course of life.

It is as if telling us that there is no place for the underdogs here on earth and the born losers cannot excel and should be exterminated before conception. Is this Hitler that I’m hearing?

The finale of the documentary was great. If they’ve begun sorting gametes and making babies in the lab long before how would Einstein live and so do Lincoln and other noble man and women who have contributed greatly to the development of science and the welfare of the society but actually has the defective genes.

Like the Tower of Babel, their pursuit to solve the problems of conceiving that “perfect child” for the families with defective chromosomes failed. I believe it is the way by which God wants to manifest Himself; I am the Source of Life and no life can sprout forth unless I will it. After all, He is still God.


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