By The Pages

Let’s make this long story short, shall we? Okay, okay, you might be thinking that this would be another essay about something that has been told before and is again being told now and will certainly be retold soon. I’m sorry to break your hearts folks, but this isn’t that kind of an essay. Rather, this would be talking about part of what we consider as “of-old” but with some twists, turns, and curves plus a little of the pixie-like-sweet-bubbling powder on top.

Have you ever been in a place packed with papers that are bounded and are arranged according to their topics on multi-leveled bookshelves which are indexed in cards or computer-based catalogs? Well, well, well.

Welcome to the place where milk and honey flows for the geeks, researchers, readers, sleepers and the bell-ringing-creature-who-shouts-keep-quiet-every-so-often, librarian – welcome to the library!

Although this is not about the library, it’s good that we give this kind of an introduction for it sets the lights for the superstar of our dear old library. It is none other than the book!

Book comes in different papers, colors, sizes and also (due to the latest printing press technology) shape. Some come in handy with ever-so-colorful paperback and neat graphics while others appear bulky and tremendous with ultra-hard-bound-and-dark-scarlet cover engraved with classical Roman script and embellishment. Who would dare pick the gigantic over the cute? Someone would surely dare – about two out of four I may say. The first would be an academe who has walked through the paths of knowledge and has colored his head white and brown for the thousand and one feathers on his hat. The academe would get it for he knows he could use it for one of his brain-blending paper. The second would surely be the ever-so-curious lad who happens to be playing around the library and has been amazed by the boldness and greatness of the tremendous book. He’ll be getting it because it is the first time he saw such a thing for his vision has been clouded by so many cartoons and psychedelic colors. We just witnessed two different personas getting a similar book for reasons of different ends. We witnessed how they have chosen something out of the ordinary.

This isn’t about the cover of a book nor is this about judging it. But this tells us more about the choices we make. Each day requires that we choose from a set of options – from selecting what dish to cook to deciding on a situation that is a matter of life and death. No matter how absurd your choice may be and no matter what others would comment about your decision, as long as it is your choice and that’s what we deem good for you and others, be assured and take your choice. After all it’s not them who are choosing the book and it is not them who would be reading it, it’s you.


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