A set of Haikus I’ve created lately…

It’s like a big tree,
But it can never be seen –
Life’s giving for free.

Son of Man’s pure life’s lost,
Divine and humanity,
In love, met once more.

A Song
Straight from a man’s heart,
Fully filled with ones feelings,
Twined with tune, rhythm.

My Heart
Bleeding with anguish,
Tottering in uber pain;
Still beating with bliss.

A Red Pillow Bear
I’m with one in bed,
Dreamt once w/ her I’m married –
Assures a sweet sleep.

Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare’s masterpiece,
Took care and looked after me,
Since birth, I am with.

Seminary Life
Life of twists and turns,
Filled with hardships and with joys,
Leads one to a Call.


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