Braided Road

You’ve probably been traveling for so long – half certain, half uncertain on whether or not you’ll reach your goal. Nonetheless you’re on a road – a road that have been traveled by most or the one that only a few dare to take.In any case, each of us is traveling on a road. A road full of bends and turns, crossings and curves, shoulders and exits, plus a host of signs and symbols that mentions do’s and dont’s and, certainly, points to a route. We may have different routes yet most believe that there is this Great Destination – a destination where each of us wanted to be. But many fail to be there, many choose not a route to the Destination. For the journey is long and painful, the road is steep, rocky and zigzagging. It bends every so often and slopes every after steep. The great destination cannot be seen from the road, only a bleak beam of light peeking from the horizon can be witnessed.

In this mysterious road, en route to the Destination, the journey is tiring. Love mixed with trust and confidence in the Unseen is the only fuel that can sustain us through the journey.

No matter how twisted our roads may be, no matter how mysterious it is, and no matter how painful the experience can be, as long as we never lose the fuel and the will to move on, we can expect for something great, something beautiful, something more than the usual. For our roads have been braided, simple yet elegant – fashioned for something that is certainly great… Eternal Bliss.


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