for Mary

Today is our Blessed Virgin Mary’s glorious Assumption into Heaven. I’ve made a haiku in honor of her wonderful role in my life.

My Ever-faithful,
Unchanging Girl Friend

She’s always on-line,
never left in joy nor pain,
Mary is her name.

Simple. Haikus are simple yet its simplicity
creates a thousand and one impression of varied
expressions, ideas and emotions.

A girlfriend for me is someone who’ll always be there for me
ready to hear my call, listen to my long stories and irritating whining.
She’s someone who would never leave me in sadness, trials nor pain.
She’s someone caring, loving and understanding.
My ever-inspiring inspiration.
She’s someone to whom I’ll readily and willingly give my life.

Yes, of course, I had previous relationships with other girls before.
Most of them I’ve known, met and kept in my unraveled cyberworld.
But none of them endured.

Mary is simple. Mary is my ever-faithful and unchanging
“girl friend” not just an ordinary girlfriend.
Someone who is readily there for me. Someone who is always
with me, wherever I may be. Someone who is not only present when
there’s internet connection nor cell site but Someone who is and
will forever be on-line, 24/7 – in joy or in pain.

For the Blessed Virgin Mary, my heavenly mother,
my ever-faithful and unchanging girl friend.


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