Stereotypical Society, Stereotyping

Who would want to be discriminated by the society? Who would like to be blamed by so many people for the not-so-good things that happen in our country? Surely no one would want to be in such a sorry state especially when one does not have any fault but just being themselves.

The selection, “Burgis”, opened my eyes and let me realized things that we often overlook or, sometimes, exaggerated.

It came to my mind that, sometimes, I am also a burgis – not only part of the social middle class but also overly concerned about material interests, respectability and mediocrity. As I read the article I could recount my deeds that fortify my identity as one of the burgis. But, I also realized that being a burgis is not at all a sorry state.

The Illustrados, a Spanish term for the burgis, have made outstanding contributions toward our country’s independence. Rizal’s, Jaena’s, and the del Pilar brothers’ heroism and the patriotism of the EDSA precursors portray the deeply altruistic side of the burgis.

Indeed the burgis is not-at-all money, glory, and power-seekers. It has just become a stereotyping mask of the society. Moreover, it has been used as an escape goat of the society – the one to be blamed when everything starts to go wrong. But, never did we consider – broadcast – the grandeur, the freedom that our society achieved through the burgis.

Realizing all these things and knowing the truth about being a burgis lead me into saying that I am proud to be a Filipino, proud to be a burgis.


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