Mornings, now, give less delight
for something bothers me every night.
I can not figure out what it is
until you came again with bliss.

yet I can not tell you what it is
for shyness always come my way.
But now that I have enough guts
to speak for the unspoken with this poem.

Once, I have promised you that I’ll wait
for that single moment that we would meet.
For us to talk about the new road we would take
and the wonderful story our friendship would make.

now, I want to tell you that my promise was broken
for I was not true to the words I’ve spoken.
I also regret what I have done in the past
that will prevent our friendship to forever last.

losing you I can not accept
for you have a big part in my being.
I also would not miss seeing you
And spending much time with you I won’t regret.

yet, I would want to ask you
if we can still become close friends?
For I fear that you might reject me
to become one of your close friends.

ONE thing more I’d like to say:
I still love you as I do before.
And it will not change ‘till I die.
This is no promise but a vow,
not made to be broken rather
made to last…


2 thoughts on “Promise

  1. JEROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Miss na miss na kita!!!!!! lolz… lab u ehehehe 😀

    May bago ka na palang blog site di mo sinasabi sa akin… 🙂

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