Feelings are the ones ruling the WORLD

The world is a place full of landscapes – people, places and events – that indeed affects one’s feeling and disposition. Hidden in each people we meet, places we’ve been and events we witness are feelings. Feelings of discontent, anger, resentment, loneliness, fear, sorrow, grief, hatred; joy, optimism, hope and love prevail in our world.

Danton Remoto’s “Landscapes of Feelings” dwelled on this basic yet complex faculty of human experience – feelings. This simple narration of sights and sounds during one’s vacation presented a sort-of an abstract painting which has been left for me to interpret. The selection was so human and so Filipino that while reading I can’t help but feel with the speaker in the story. I felt the emotions tied with every experience presented in the selection. But contrary on what the characters felt towards the end of the piece – wherein the antagonist, the narrator’s grandfather, died – I felt happy and optimistic. I felt such for it was the thing that I felt when my great-grandfather died and in my mind I shouldn’t be sad when deep inside I know that he is we Our Father in heaven.

Each feeling has a different meaning or effect in our lives. Feelings either strengthen or weaken a person. Feelings may lead to one’s failure or success. Nonetheless, in every way, feelings affect one’s life and, basically, feelings are the basis of our lives that hopefully would lead us into values. These values together with strong feeling towards upholding it would generally be the gauge of one’s success or failure in life. Indeed feelings rule the lives of people – rule the world.


3 thoughts on “Feelings are the ones ruling the WORLD

  1. uhm, this isn’t exactly a comment.. but i’m wondering, could u please help me out?

    Uhm, i am hoping you could mail me Danton Remoto’s article, “Landscape of Feelings”, ‘coz I couldn’t find it in the web. Please?

    Thanks very much! sorry for the disturbance. 😀

  2. right now, i don’t have a soft copy of the article. but i could scan and do the OCR for you. just post your email here and i’ll personally mail it to you.

    I could not post the article here for copyright issues… everything that you can find here are my work and they are under CreativeCommons…

    Anyway, thanks for the visit, I hope you’d come back!

    God bless!

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